Flag of submission to God by Pastor Ed Young

Will that work?  Well, maybe for the Cowboys, I don’t know.  I’m kidding.  I love the Cowboys.  Realistically speaking, it won’t work.  The center has a particular role that is very important to the team.  The quarterback has a role that is very important to the team.  Any time you mix up the rank [...]

Mission Trips by Pastor Ed Young

Well, just show up and roll up your sleeves.  We have mission trips all over the world.  We have this camp that has thousands of opportunities available.  We have our student ministry, our children’s ministry, and our preschool ministry.  We have this Hand in Hand ministry where we help those who have lost loved [...]

The Language of Zion by Pastor Ed Young

And then they told me, “Okay, we’ll all be sitting in the throne chairs and your key is when the organ begins to play softly, one of the pastors will look at you and give you a nod. When they give you that nod, that holy nod, that’s your time to pray.” And that’s [...]

Ordained into the Ministry by Pastor Ed Young

Others here maybe are disappointed with prayer. You’re saying, “You know Ed, I wanted something a long time ago and I prayed and prayed and prayed. And God did not give me what I wanted. So I just don’t pray that much. Now and then I might throw one up to heaven, but not [...]

Decision in Life by Pastor Ed Young

Now, next time, we’re going to tackle something that is very, very tough to talk about.  “What happens when I begin to see the change that God makes in my life? What happens as I defer to the Holy Spirit of God? What happens as I listen to him?” Well, I will tell you [...]

My Family of Origin by Pastor Ed Young

Whenever we cover sin, here’s what we do:  We tend to blame others.  You know, “I’m the way I am because of my family of origin. I’m the way I am because my mother was meanpirited; my father was domineering.  I’m the way I am because of my friends. You know what? I’m the [...]

Corporate World by Pastor Ed Young

These candidates will walk up to maybe an automotive plant and they’ll put on this hard hat and these protective goggles and they’ll try to awkwardly screw a bulb into a car or a truck. And the whole time they’re smiling for the cameras. These people aren’t really identifying with those on the assembly [...]

God is Going to Look at People Who Matter to Him by Pastor Ed Young

I have done that for you and that’s your assignment.  You either receive me or not.” Most people of the world, we have heard the assignment, but we are busy working on our sketches.  We are busy doing our own thing. We say, “Yes, I hear the assignment but you know what?  I really [...]

God Wants Me to Reconnect by Pastor Ed Young

God knew we would say, well, give me an example!  Show me the importance of rhythm.  God said, I’m it.  I’m your example.  I made the heavens and the earth; it took me about a chapter.  Six days; Genesis 1.  That was kinda funny.  In Genesis 2, God said, he looked at everything then [...]

Talking to Believers by Pastor Ed Young

How many times have you heard that?  A squillion times.  And here is what is dangerous about some of the false teachers in our world today.  All they do is talk about just quality of life.  I’m talking about people who say they’re Christians.  The quality of life. Well yes, when we meet Jesus [...]